Today I was added by a random person on Steam who claimed to invite me to a TF2 tournament. He also asked me to upvote his team on / In retrospective, it was kinda naive/stupid what I did, but here is what happened:

After my first Ubuntu 20.04 install on my ASUS laptop I was shocked to see the battery status as “Not charging”, although the laptop was plugged in and never had any battery problems before.

These were my symptoms:


Turns out, my battery just wasn’t calibrated yet after the fresh install. The battery showed up as “charging” after using the laptop for a while without a power connection and then…

If you try to permanently exit a Slack workspace, the UI can feel like one of the more difficult escape rooms of the Internet. Here is how you quit a workspace for good in the web client as of January 2021.

The key is to get to your Account Settings. You can access them directly here: If you can login successfully (good luck!), select your workspace and proceed to step 3.

Alternatively, if you are already signed into your workspace, click through UI:

Step 1

Click your user icon in the top right corner and select “View profile”

Step 1: View Profile

Step 2

Click the “…”…

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